Carnegie Hall

Blandine Waldmann is a very talented young pianist. Her technique is excellent, the sound is rich in colour and varied, her understanding of style ample, and she plays with a degree of emotional involvement and passion that has become rather rare.

Aleksandar Madzar


After studying both piano and violin, Blandine Waldmann decided to favour the keys and trained alongside Désiré N’Kaoua, before entering the French Royal Conservatory in Brussels to study with Dominique Cornil. Having won first prizes for both piano and chamber music, she successfully gained entry to the Flemish Royal Conservatory in Brussels to take classes from Alexandre Madzar (piano), and Daniel Blumenthal and Viviane Spanoghe (chamber music). Awarded Masters in both disciplines, Blandine Waldmann further honed her skills at a variety of master classes in France, Great Britain, Belgium and Italy, where she received enriching advice from famous musicians like Anne Queffélec, Jean-Michel Damase, Piet Kuijken, Dirk Vermeulen, Christopher Elton, Volker Banfield, Vincenzo Balzani, Eugen Indjic and Eugene Pridonoff.

Miss Blandine Waldmann is an excellent pianist with an impressive technique and a very distinctive style and personality.

Daniel Blumenthal


This full and varied musical education led to her performing in a host of international contests from 2014-2017, where she won numerous first prizes: first prizes at the Erik Satie contest in Lecce, Paolo Barrasso, Le Note Sinfonie, Florestano Rossomandi, Eurorchestra da Camera « Nuovi Interpreti » in Bari, E-muse in Athens, IMKA, Lucia Iurleo, de Matera, and also American Protégé International Competition, Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition in New York and even Grand Prize Virtuoso in Salzburg. The festival and concert halls of Europe and the United States threw open their doors for her: Carnegie Hall in New York, Cadogan Hall in London, The Royal Conservatory and Wolubilis concert halls in Brussels, Florence Theatre, Corato Theatre, Nicolaus de Bari Congress Hall, Vlaanderen International in Brussels, Festival della Valle dell’ Orfento in Caramanico Terme, Sarlat’s Nuit du Patrimoine and more.

Although she has a natural inclination towards works of virtuosity from the 19th and 20th century, Blandine Waldmann has refused to be labelled as a specialist as she’s naturally drawn to performing a broad repertoire reaching from Bach to modern day music, passing by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Franck, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin and Messiaen. She has a passion for the music of her own time and Italian culture and enjoys working with current composers. Most notably she has initiated a project with Vincenzo Palermo (Concerto no 2 for piano), worked with Frederik van Rossum (Catharsis, for two pianos) and alongside the Swedish composer Jonathan Östlund to record an album uniting several of his chamber music pieces. She has also recorded Grains, fleur et son envol, for violin, clarinet, percussion and double bass by Alin Gherman. In 2018 a new CD, Momentum (Dux Label), is being added to her recordings showcasing Mussorgsky, Scriabin and Brahms.